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And still the world turns..

So these past 2 days have been up and down. Mostly up.

Yesterday evening I went out with my friend Ruth to a great little Korean BBQ restaurant. I should probably mention somewhere on my info page that I am a bit adventurous when it comes to food. I love all kinds of food. I love to try to restaurants. I will try anything once. I figure I can't hate it unless I try it. And because my dad was in the restaurant business (and my sis and her hubby both are currently) I am mostly forgiving of many wait staff. But I will warn you I do have a breaking point, I refuse to be a doormat. But I will tell them if I think that it can be fixed, or I won't ever eat there again.

Back to the good food. So if you have never been to a Korean BBQ this is what happens. You get a brazier on (or in) your table and your cook your own food. This way you make it to your liking. I'll admit that this is the first Korean place I've eaten in that did not have a menu. Everyone there was Asian, and the menu is what is on a salad bar at one end of the building. You go up, load food on your plate, bring it back to the table and cook the food. YUMMY! The best, by far, was the beef. Followed by the chicken. It was well marinated and went great with the side dishes and garlic and beer. I would totally eat there again. And for those in the Philly hood, it is off Rte 1 and Adams. In the old electric generator building near the Sears building. Divine!

So I got home about the same time Sue did. We did the whole how was your day thing. The plan: get online and look at hotels for England and change Sue's tickets to come home with me on the 6th of January. She also wanted to look at her e-mail because she has been so busy at work. We never made it that far. Her e-mail contained a letter from her England agent, Hermione who said that Sue's resume had been faxed to a school in Surrey (I can't remember the name, I'm sure I'll get you the link if it all pans out). It is a wonderful and terrible thing all at once. Sue had been talking with Hermione for awhile and Hermione was pretty up front: things were not looking good for this time of year (mid semesters) and Sue's skills were more suited for the lower forms (grades) and not the upper forms, which puts her at a slight disadvantage. This past weekend I think we both started thinking about the springtime and expecting her to be here. I was thinking about softball and Spring Break. She was thinking about camping and what kind of plans she would teach her current 5th grade class. This sudden chance to leave at such short notice really threw us for a curve last night. So she spent the rest of the evening reading through the school's website and finding out all sorts of good things. She would be teaching literature and maths. These are her strong suits. Also it is a technology school, and that is her forte. Personally I think it would be a good match. I hope she gets it. So does she. We also both hope she doesn't get it. Life seems so crazy sometimes. I promise to keep you posted.

This morning I got to work and there was a lovely box there from [Bad username or site: amy knits @ livejournal.com] I was so excited. She got my KR knit exchange present yesterday and e-mailed me right away. She sounded so happy. I couldn't wait to open the box. Dan must have thought I was crazy. Inside was a great felted hat- black with a red brim and lovely ribbon work. She also included a few extra presents: a nice kool-aid, hand-dyed skein and a present for my little Lehnen-Bug. (Amy- Lehnen went BONKERS! she is so happy and she sends lots of purrs to you!)

If Sue was not out cold now as I type I would be trying hard to get a pic of me. I really have to figure out how to condense my pics so I can fit them on here. I am so good with technology when I am the user, not so good when it involves multiple levels of technolgy intergration. I feel good that I have gotten this far with my blogging. Give me a week or so to figure the pic thing out. I promise to get things up here.

Date: 2003-12-11 10:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amy-knits.livejournal.com
:) Glad everyone liked thier presents.
That catnip stuff is amazing. My dogs are even intereseted in it.

I hope things work out well for you and Sue and the job in England which ever way it goes.

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