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This week has been a blur. And while I don't think I would want to repeat it, I am proud of myself for getting things done.

The scarf for my sister is made. Tassles attached and each thread knotted so they don't unravel. She is such a hardworking mom I wanted to make sure it didn't get ratty. I am now working on her hubby's hat. I am thinking about making Tychus in knitty, but since I already started the brim maybe a horizontal hat will work.

Slytherin Scarf

And hello there SP! I know that soon you will be dropping in here to check up on me. I am really excited to start the new year with the next Secret Pal project. I hope you ahve as much fun gifting as getting from your SP!!
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(sung to the tune of swimming by Dory in Finding Nemo)

Anyway, I had a productive weekend. Pictures soon, I promise. I finished the beaded purse for Bobbi, the chenille scarf for Sheila, and the felted bag for Judy. All in all a productive weekend, and I even did some hardanger (admittedly not very much) as well.

The felted (fulled, I know!) purse is not quite what I hoped. But I think that it will make a nice project bag, or even a brriefcase type thing.

the chenille is lovely, but not as long as I think Sue hoped. I think it will grow (as mine has. 2xs the size!) and so I will not worry about it until someone asks me to make it longer. I love petting it. It is like having a cat at the office for lunch.

the beaded purse was a snap. And I made the cords and tassles myself. I'm glad I did, because I used the same yarn as the bag aand I think it makes it look very nice.

I got my hair cut friday and I like it. I keep freaking people out though. They just are not expecting me to look this way. My co-workers have had some dramatic responses. and an old friend did not recognize me on the way to work this morning. To me it is just hair, but I guess it means more to other people.

other than that, life is slow and I am waiting for wednesday so I can fly to FLA. Perhaps pics later tonite!
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Well I am working on more projects all the time, and I'll get a list of WIPs here in a minute. But I've promised to get all of the purses online and here they are!

Auntie Katherine

My very, very first felted purse, and my 2nd knitting project evah! I used cascade 220 and loved the colors. I think the green really sparked up the heathered purples. I took awhile to finish this because I was afraid of the cobbler. The owner lives in Hong Kong, and has written me to very nice notes about how much she loves it. I was glad she liked it, but sad to see it go.

Bobbi's First Purse

This is one of those wha? purse colors. Knit in Galway wool the bottom is dark wine, the orange and the pink get lost in the definition b'cos they are the same value. My boss picked the colors and at first I'll admit I was afraid it would not work. But by the time I was done I saw these colors EVERYWHERE! She loves it and told me someone asked her where she bought it while she was visiting NYC. Quite a compliment.

Jean's baby sweater. I still have the sleeves to do!! But I am starting them this afternoon. 80% done
Judy's Purse: I cast off last nite. I need to sew the bottom, and then I want to make an i-cord top that includes a catch to close it up. 95% done
Sue's sweater: I only have the arms and neck edgings to knit. Why wait? well I think that I do not have the right amount of yarn and I don't want to start it and get frustrated. The Merino place is 4 hrs away. If I set the edging of the sleeve, find out I need more and have to buy a different lot I might have to frog. 90% done
Bobbi's beaded bag: I got the goods last week and showed her what I had, she picked a variagated red bag that I have knit just over an inch. I know this will knit fast. 10% done
Danni's layette: I swatched last nite.

What I want to work on: Amber's purse (I started but realized I grabbed the silk garden from my stash instead of the kureyon. It went into the frog pond.) Mom's purse. cotton tape tank for me. dk jaeger sweater set for me. a couple of pillows: silk garden and collinette. A red chenille scarf for Sheila. and that folks, would be the end of my stash! But I did see a very nice ballet shirt in the new IK (no yarn yet) by annie modesitt that I fell in love with. I would like to make one summer sweater, be it the cotton tape tank from rowan or the modesitt ballet shirt from IK.
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So I am trying to learn how to put pics on. to do this I need to upload pics onto another website and then send them here. I tried to do this once before when I wanted to show everyone the color of the yarn I am using for the baby sweater for jean. well here it is:

the real color is 209, and when i hold it up to my screen it looks like 309. so this is what the color of the sweater looks like. i only have to make the arms and sew it up. i decided to make the arms at the same time so that they are the same length.

i finished darci's purse this weekend. it felted up really well. i am going to take a pic and try to make it my first pic on my blog. hopefully by tomorrow night with some tech help from my friends this thing will finally be a working blog. :)

i did buy some yarn this weekend. i bought some lion brand yarn. i have never thought that lion brand was a nice yarn and generally when i have felt it in the store thought it felt like i was touching plastic bags. but as i was looking (with dani on the phone) for some yarn for her baby's baptism outfit i casually dipped my hand into some Micro Spun "lily white" this stuff is like sinking your hand into your favorite silk shirt. (okay i'll admit it. in the 80s i had 3 favorite silk shirts. red, purple and yellow. they all self destructed last year. they were marvelous) the pic of course does not do it justice. the color is basic white (french vanilla was too yellow-y) so we went with basic white. it is a baptism outfit. hopefully it will be lovely.

what did you do for valentine's? Sue and I went to a beach house and spent the weekend pampering each other. watching movies: shakespeare in love and hamlet. making good food: filet mignon and asparagus with baked potatoes and red wine. giving each other gifts and cards: i got a gift cert for a yarn store!! she got tix to the flower show in march. and generally being silly. we walked on the beach and gave each other foot massages with bath and bodyworks products. we drank champagne and ate strawberries in chocolate. it was really lovely and i am so glad we did it.
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Well, I know it looked ridiculous when I had so many WIPs on my needles. So, now I have some progress to report!!!

I'm thrilled to say I finished the beaded bag. I was supposed to finish the beading, cast off and then sew the bottom closed like a square. But being me I just connected it, knit it in the round and closed it that way. Perhaps not the wisest choice. It looks like I added something. (let's just say it isn't "streamlined") but next time I will knit the whole thing in the round, or just make it square. It is beautiful. I love it to bits. I think I am going to give it to my best friend. Everyone needs a bit of glamour in their life, and this is definitely it. DONE! 100%

Next Jean's baby sweater. I am done with the back and the left front. That leaves me the right front and the sleeves. Now I will admit, I am really happy with this project. It really looks nice. It is from Minnow Knits, and it is called Koko Kimono. I think the green is a nice touch for the color. I think I'll be done with this by the middle of the month. 50% done.

I'm still working on my sister Darci's purse. I am afraid it won't felt right. I am seriously only inches away from finishing. Then, of course, there is the i-cord to do. 75% done.

Judy's purse. I picked it up for the first time in about 2 weeks last nite. Easy knitting. I got a couple rows of color done last nite. 30% done.

Teva said the yarn would be sent by mail directly to me. I have not seen it yet. I think I'll worry if I don't get it by say.. next wednesday.

My present to Rowena shipped out yesterday. I was a bit disappointed in the shipping time. I ordered it from LUSH and they said when I ordered it that it was in stock.. but then waited a week for them to take it to UPS. huh? o well. At least it is in the mail so to speak.

Other good news: Annemieke, my Dutch friend, got her package of merino yarn I bought for her. She loves it and told me she is making a mobius scarf. Yippee.. knitting love all around.
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Good morning all. I woke up this morning singing the violent femmes and dreaming about knitting. I guess it is official that I am a mental case if I am dreaming about the stuff! But I am sure that my dreams had everything to do with how I spent my evening.

Had a great night last night. I taught a volleyball friend, Erin, to knit this past fall. (HI Erin!) and she made several scarves for family members for the christmas holiday. It was great. She was a fabulous person to teach and I learned a thing or twelve in the process of teaching. Right now she is working on a scarf for her beau, and I think the colors are amazing. Anyway, she told me that a friend of hers, Petra, was into knitting and lived up the street from me. (quite literally! we are 1/2 a block a part from each other!) We got together last night for the first time with another friend of theirs, Amy. We had some pretty amazing food, and then into the "salon" for knitting. It was fabulous. Nothing like a cold winter's night, a fire in the hearth, and several people with which to talk and knit. Petra and her husband Steve were wonderful hosts. Steve even knit a few stitches before being called away (quite literally- by phone). Amy was working on a beautiful manos hat in a lovely cranberry/jewel red color. Petra began her felting project with a very soft pink manos. And Erin started to make some gauntlets out of a silvery yarn from green mountain spinnery (Erin I am highly jealous of that yarn!) Actually, I am highly jealous of everyone's yarn. I was planning on working on Darci's bag, or even my beaded one, but decided that with large groups it is easier for me to work on something more plain. I took out Jean's baby sweater and got quite a bit done on it. Sue and I headed home, later that evening, very happy (Sue got plenty done on her presentation for class) and worked a bit more until we toddled off to bed.

Today is volleyball night. I want to try to finish the left side of the baby sweater today if I can. Ever since I packed my bag to go babysiting this weekend with 3 of my projects I ahve just left them in there. It is easier for me to carry them around and knit on whichever I feel more comfortable with at the time.

Ok, I better jet, my work is calling. I have new "duties" this week. Dan is taking someone else's job, and well... I am Dan. (I just need the mustache) I hope everyone is well. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments section.
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So I have had a interesting few days around here. The weather is trying its best to inflict its damage on us poor humans. I have been walking in the tunnels to get to and from work. It is a tad bit faster that way and definitely warmer (and at least no wind chill). My volleyball team won this week. (we were completely crushed last week. have no idea why. it seemed like we moved underwater while the other team wasn't so hindered) and Sue got to watch us play. Got some good/bad news at work. A co-worker is leaving and she is not allowed to be replaced (ah! great management system there) So what once was a team of 11 people, is now down to 7. Dan is getting her position, I am getting Dan's, and well I am also doing my stuff (minus my daily filing). SO everything is a bit off. And, to top it off, we are being moved back to 35. I feel like shouting MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! But perhaps they have none to make up. Got a package from my mother with my niece's latest picture in it. They grow up fast, but I do love how she looks so like me and my sister that it feels like she's a twin throwback.

Read the funniest thing today. Loved it!! So if I did not send you the blimp link be warned! too funny!

Knitting news: I finished the BACK of the koko kimono sweater for Jean's baby to be. Poor Jean was in a car accident right after I asked her if the color was ok. I am trying very hard to knit only good and happy thoughts into the baby sweater. I have knit a bit on the beaded purse, but will put it down tonite to get to Darci's purse. I will have access to a washer this weekend to full it and I want to make sure it is DONE. (if it doesn't get done, I'll try it at the laundrymat instead)

Other knit news (that might not seem like it at first): I bought tickets to goto FLORIDA with my mother to visit my grandfather. I also got a list of Local Yarn Shops to visit. Called my Aunt Gerri and asked her to check with my Uncle Tommy to see when I can see them when I am down there. And lastly, I got another email from Teva Durham today. I didn't know if she liked my work on the last design I knit for her, but she obviously liked it enough to ask me to knit another garment for her before March 1st. It makes me feel good to knit for her book, I hope she likes my work.
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extra extra! read all about it.

WIPs (oldest to newest):
1) started 1/10 rowan aran tweed felted purse in black and burgandy for judy 30% done
2) started 1/10 noro color 95 felted purse of my own design 40% done
3) started 1/21 rowan handknit dk cotton in artichoke koko kimono from minnies for jean's baby 20% done
4) started 1/24 rowan 4-ply merino in grey beaded bag from jaeger accessories book 30% done

Had a great weekend here in Philly. Friday nite I worked on the baby sweater. It is going really well, I am proud of the way it looks so far. The color is called artichoke, but truly it is more celery. It isn't tooo lite green, which i think would make me think of mints meltaways. It is more of a good earthy green, but lighter in value. Who are these people who get to name the colors?? I want that job!!!

So the purses are coming along. I really want to get Judy's purse done this week, but I think the noro one will be done first. It is for Darci and I think that when I see my mother I will give it to her to take home.

I plan on going to Florida to see my g-pa in march. Mom is going too. He will be singing with his barbershopper group so I'll get to see that too. Hopefully when I have more definite plans (times as well as dates) I can call my pop pop and uncle tommy and set up times to see them too.

The new project I started yesterday is really exciting!!! I promised myself that I would learn some new things with my knitting this year. My favorite yarn store is the Tangled Web and what is really great about it is that Mary (the owner) has some really great classes at pretty decent prices. So I signed up for her beaded evening bag class. Not only does she teach you the class, but she starts you off by threading all the beads (500 of them!!) and knits your first 2 rows, so everyone is on the same page when they walk through the store. So yesterday I learned beaded knitting. And I am making an evening bag out of dark grey merino wool. it is 4-ply and very very small. I am knitting on size 3 needles! It feels sooooo small!!! I am really enjoying it and enjoying the possibilities that I might do in the future.. Sometimes it is fun to think of all sorts of new ways to put something you've learned into your work.

While I was there I signed up for my next class it is in april and it is 2 handed fair isle. It will be nice to learn that. I figure if I keep going I will learn all sorts of new ways to knit and have fun learning them with new people.

Yesterday, after my class we went to Sue's Aunt Lorraine's for a surprise b-day party. It was alot of fun. we had a bunch of people there and the food was really good. Then, this morning we had a chinese new year at Ocean Harbor with Ruth Parker and her friends. The food was excellent and the company was very nice. We went during the dim sum time so we had plenty of leftovers from the banquet!! I loved everything. And I'll be having more tomorrow.

So that is all the knitting news for the day. I better go back to finishing up some more knitting. See you soon!!
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Afternoon folks!

I got to watch Spongebob last nite for the first time in what felt like a million years. It really does make me feel better, altho I know many of you wonder where my brain must go for the bit of time I watch it. Last year, when I was in the depths of my depression, for some reason, Spongebob was the only thing that made me feel good. When I had the Tivo, I would have it tape the Spongebobs all day long. Not long after I saw an article in tv guide regarding the "best shows to improve your mental health and mental outlook" and Spongebob was right up near the top. So somehow, I knew it was helping me feel better... And now the occassional Spongebob is just plain fun. Really I just love Gary and Patrick, but don't tell anyone.

ANYWAY! The whole reason I got to watch it is kinda funny. Just don't read if you get squeamish, ok? When I got this new apt, poor and all, the landlord told me that it got cable. She said it was part of the apt price and not to worry about it. When I moved in I was too tired to care. When I plugged it in I did get *something* like cable. But wacky cable indeed. The 3 major affiliates, msnbc, the weather channel, the history channel, disney and the movie channel. HUH?? half of those are pay cable around here, the other half are standard cable. (more what I was expecting.) About a month ago I came home to my poor Sue frantically scrabbling behind the tv with snow on the channel and a sheepish look. "um, well. the cat puked on the remote and I cleaned it off, but I hit some switches and the tv went to snow and well so I unhooked the tv and I can't get any cable anymore" Which, while I am not the biggest tv fan, was sad, b'c I am still a huge today show junkie. It wakes me up, I find out some news and weather and I set off for my day (and that DREAMY anne curry. *sigh*) SO i went to fiddling, wondering WHY on earth she unhooked it when it was only the remote. Couple of butch-like twiddles later and viola! but not the same channels!!! WHAT? now I get a whole BUNCH of channels.. the same 3 big affiliates, still weather channel and msnbc, but now (if I can remember cos it is still too new and I am not a big surfer/watcher) Discovery, abc family (whatever..), nick, fox, some of the homeshopping (which I detest) and a few others i can't remember. Sadly gone is the history channel and the movie channel which helped quite a bit when there was NOTHING on tv, you could always find some old movie with a famous old b/w movie star and watch it.

But that is why I watched SB SP last nite, and then went over to discovery channel and saw monster garage and american choppers. (which reminds me that my little knitting hobby is MILD. MILD I tell you compared to what these guys do to their houses and their cars and motorcycles.) One guy has BUILT his OWN monster garage with a heated floor. I bet that wife gets to spend money on whatever she wants, cause she can always point to the garage and say she will never ring up a tab like that. UGH!

In knitting news: I did knit on 2 purses this weekend. One I am designing and really just not feeling it right now. The colors are beautiful (it is Noro yarn), but I wish it looked a little different. And the other is my standard pattern: knit a tube, seam it, gusset it and felt it. But the big thing I did was to make a knitting journal (like this, but without the extra commentary) and put pics and scraps of yarn and yarn ball guards in it. I have knit 15 items this year, with only Sue's sweater being the UFO (unfinished object for you out there in non-knit land) I have only to make the arm ribbings and the v-neck ribbing. I was taught how last wednesday, but it is a lengthy process I was not in the mood for this weekend.

We did see R & D this weekend for our game nite. Lots of fun. We played my new xmas present: Series of Unfortunate Events game and it was awesome. We beat Sue 2xs. She was not pleased. And she does do Count Olaf's voice so well. And watched an Affair to Remember with them. Cary Grant was quite good, so was Deborah Kerr. Lots of fun for an oldie, and we rented it from the library for FREE!

And for those of you who made it this far. I have made myself a promise. Sue and I will get pics on this website. It might not be tomorrow, but it will be before spring. OK?
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so we are starting to settle down here on Spruce St. We got in on Tuesday afternoon, called the appropriate family members and friends who were worried. Checked with the cat sitter that Lehnen had not destroyed her house and went to bed. Neither of us were tired, but we thought that an early start the next day might be in our best interests. Sue's boss gave her the day off, thinking that she might need a day to recoup. We used it to get errands done and laundry too. I went to work and received the pile known as end of the year annual updates. In fact there were so many they moved them to an empty desk to fill it up and not completely scare me (in fact if I turn just right I can't see them and therefore they don't exist, right?) I started on them immediately, but as with anoyone who has been away for awhile, everyone stopped buy to chat a few times during the day. Since I have so many updates I am guaranteed some overtime the next few weeks. Actually if things go as they normally will, I'll probably catch up in the summer. The thing about mail and books, they keep coming in.

Dan had his birthday and I got him some chocolates that looked like the simpsons. he loves them and i wanted to get him something he would like. I got most of my folks postcards. sue got her folks some nice presents. her dad gets the fly fishing flies and her mom gets soap and tea. my sisters will get marmalade. and my mom will get something from the queen's gallery shop. sue and i got each other mainly the trip altho we did find a shop that had loose gemstones for a decent price. so we got some to make into necklaces or rings to remind us of our trip. we will have to wait to do that though as right now we are both tapped out.

i haven't knit anything. i have tried but it wasn't quite right so i frogged. for several reasons actually. i thought the needle size was too big but then i noticed it was already starting to mobius. that is what i get for starting it on a bed in a hotel... i bought some really nice yarns in london but i'm waiting until i get the things i have in my head out a bit. plus i need to start working on the baby things. yes the baby things. i have 4 friends having babies at the same time. and i need to get some knitting done for them. plus i have the mousies to do.. little catnip mousies. i never have enought time for myself. and yesterday i completely slacked and read a book when i got home. i finshed the book today at lunch but now i feel like i'm falling behind.

i've started to jog. i promised myself that if i can do this jogging thing and get my stamina up then i'll sign up for a triatholon with my friends sharon and john. i started yesterday. i want to job tomorrow too but we leave to goto the poconos to pick up sue's car. her car had a slight problem the day we were supposed to leave for london. the window switch broke. in the down position. we couldn't drive it home and leave the thing open for 2 weeks while we would be gone. not in the city (an personally not anywhere) so we left it up there and supposedly it is fixed. we have to rent a car to go get it, but we need it back. poor sue and her driving every day. i miss the public transit of london for her. she deserves better than living so far from work.

so tomorrow, up bright and early and on to her folks. i'll try to finish the lining on the purse and hopefully get that given to her mom. i wish it was done already. i don't really feel like doing anything but sleeping again. i think that i was really refreshed the first few days back, but the thoughts of all my things i want to do and the type of time i know i have to do them wears me out mentally. talking to cassandra today reminded me that i need to find some quiet again in my life. in london i think spending time with sue was great. we found that quiet time. but when you go back to your life at home things crowd in begging to be taken care of and you can lose it. somewhere i need to find it and hold onto its tail. maybe it will drag me out of this.

happy new year everyone!
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I may look naive (case and point: co-worker yesterday at FAX machine profusely apologizing for cursing in front of me. My response: I curse all the time. Her shocked answer: You don't look like it) but I am not. The survey I posted below (and sent to a bunch of friends, thanks all!) is not going to change the AFA's view on homosexuality or the right to marry. But what gets me is the gall they have to present their numbers to congress and state them as FACT. I know anyone who wants to skew numbers can and will do it, but to post a poll on your website in hopes of getting only your contact list to pay attention to it is ludicrous.

Let me get on my soapbox a minute. All those bored by my soapbox please move along.

Generally this country is evenly divided on the issue of gay marriage. It is cut into thirds. One third hates the idea, one third loves the idea and one third is either having a nice lunch somewhere or doesn't give a fig. Now in reality this should not matter. There was an editorial out a few weeks ago where the writer stated (paraphrase): sometimes polls do not matter, what matters is what is right. Whether it is supported by popular opinion or not. I sincerely doubt that when people of different colors were allowed by the courts to marry that it was "popular," but it was right. And no one has the right to decide who loves whom except the people who are happy and in love. Now as a bi-sexual woman I find it appalling that if I decided to marry a man tomorrow (say an immigrant who needed a nice visa to stay in this country to flee some sort of persecution even). All of my property and tax rights and benefits would be guaranteed, but not so if I wanted to marry a woman. I have seriously dated and loved both sexes. I have seen futures with both sexes. But one future is full of privileges I would receive be marrying the correct gender, while the other is a financial and legal morass that I would have to wade through (and pay good money to several types of people: accountants, lawyers, etc). Currently I am in love with, and happily dating a woman (hi honey!). The last serious relationship I was with a woman. The last serious relationship before that (skipping a few people in the dating process that were not as "serious") was a man. What makes any of these more important than the other? In my heart, nothing. In the eyes of my country, alot. A friend from the Netherlands wrote me and asked about marriage in this country, and hinted that it was legal in hers. Many countries are adopting the same stance: Germany, Canada, etc. I told her that while I don't treat my friends differently by their color, gender or sexual preference, my country does not give me the same consideration. It is a design flaw that stems from (in my eyes) the puritanical roots that founded this country. I look forward and happily wait for the day that I can marry the person I love, whoever that might be. I do feel that it will be in my lifetime. And no matter what I will work towards that goal with alerting people to polls, paying attention to elections and voting with my ballot and my dollar to help make it happen.

On to other news, I frogged the project I was working on last nite. I kept looking at the directions and not seeing the gauge. A friend asked me how I knew it was the right size and I told her that I had looked at the pattern but it wasn't clear, and then we both saw it. The gauge listing! so I checked and I was 2 stitches off. So off came 5 inches, but I'll feel better in the long run. On the chocolate sweater number 2: I am in the middle of the armholes. Tonite I go to the knitalong in Chestnut Hill. I need to be far along on these project before this weekend (like one of them done!!) so I can do my holiday cookies and cards. I have an order for about 5 doz cookies on monday. I have a nice long quiet weekend with my friend Sam the pug. I am babysitting at my old apt address for my neighbors. Sam the pug is a great dog. He is just wild about me, and I can say the sentiment is returned. I want to mail my presents on Monday (I know they will be late, but I really don't care) and hopefully I can settle down to a nice quiet christmas and vacation.
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These past few days have been so full of good knitting and knitting happenings that I thought I would share.

I joined the phillyknitters this weekend for a S&B and met some very nice people. I got quite a bit done on my project and frogged back to the correct spot on my unfortunate ever- decreasing sweater. After leaving the S&B I babysat a 1 yr old who fell asleep within an hr giving me plenty of time to finish that silly frogged sweater!

The sweater particulars: I made it out of chunky superwash merino. I am making 2 and have already gotten 1/4 of the 2nd one done. They will both be chocolate brown and going to each of my sisters. It is the Teva Durham design I knit for her book. It is very form fitting, but the way it is knit makes it stretch over your curves, very shapely!

So on Monday I started out the morning with getting my Tangled Web newletter(www.tangledwebb.com) and yippee! Mary promised me a bead knitting class and there it is. There is also a fair isle class and a cabling class. I want to take both. *sigh. As class costs go, they are very reasonable. So I am excited about my next knitting adventure with them.

Next, my mother had sent, and I received, my Kureyon package from Threadbear Fiber Arts!! (threadbearfiberarts.com) Not to sound repetitive, YIPPEE! I bought 4 different colorways and each one will be a new purse. One for each of my family members and perhaps one to sell. I need to start making some to sell again. It helps me pay for my next yarn stash, and gives me satisfaction out of seeing someone happy. With these I am going to make my own designs instead of following patterns.

Then last night I went to see Debbi Stoller, the author of Stitch & Bitch (and editor of Bust magazine) talk about her book. I was there with some of the S&B people I had met that weekend, they kindly let me have a place beside them. It was great to hear her in person, and see the projects too. Everyone loved to hear her talk, and she is very engaging. She had this way about her, sort of a mix of her self confidence and intelligent wit, that I really enjoyed. I don't have any cash right now, between the England trip and the shaft I am getting from my job (I am on a 5 week pay hiatus, don't ask) So I didn't buy the book and get to speak to her. I don't do well in those situations anyway. I get up there and act like a stupid fool, while all of the intelligent sentences in my head run with fright to the next available brain cell. It was probably best that I stayed on the floor and knit my project instead of acting like a doofus in front of an intelligent woman I admire.

Over all, an excellent knitting weekend. And tomorrow I will be at the knit along at the Tangled Web. I hope to get some more done on my project and maybe see some beautiful yarns. (both my mom and aunt want yarn from them, but neither want me to pick it up. Weird!)
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today has been weird.

for some reason the past few days i cannot get out of bed in the morning. I push myself to get out of bed and make sue's tea or lunch and by the time she leaves either i am WIDE awake or completely in bed on my way to twilight. when my alarm goes off I struggle. It feels like being underwater. I wish it was easier to just WAKE UP!

so I've been knitting at my desk for lunch. trying desperately to finish this project. I don't think it is gonna happen. On another project last nite I think I knit myself until it was too late. I know I checked the number of stitches before I did the next decreasing row, but after I finished the row I was 2 short.. UGH. It said decrease, not over decrease. I felt like a knucklehead and turned out the light.

Sue and I made a few decisions last nite. We decided that we would stay in Stratford-upon-Avon for 4 days and then goto Surrey for 5 days. I know it is running a bit late, but we are trying to firm up hotel plans now. I wish we just KNEW what was gonna happen with this job thingy. But maybe not knowing is what is best.

My best friend, Cassandra, called me at work today. Her daughter received my lacey knit scarf and LOVED it. she wanted to go to bed with it. Her dad had to put his foot down and say she couldn't wear it to bed (she is on the top bunk, there was some concern about her hanging herself by accident EEK!!) They finally decided she could sleep with it all folded up and snuggled like a stuffed toy. I have two things to say: a) I am so glad that she LOVES her scarf. It is the the same color as her brother and he was excited that she matched him (and I was worried that they would not like matching) and b) I am still so glad I have never had children. I would not think of things like accidental hangings. But it was sure a joy to hear from Cassandra that the scarves as presents idea is not a bad one. So far everyone but her husband, Alan, has gotten one. I think I have just the thing for his. But it will have to wait until after the holidays.

And I just got the temple U non-credit course guide. As always i want to take everything. I'll scour the classes and let you know if anything piques my interests.
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And still the world turns..

So these past 2 days have been up and down. Mostly up.

Yesterday evening I went out with my friend Ruth to a great little Korean BBQ restaurant. I should probably mention somewhere on my info page that I am a bit adventurous when it comes to food. I love all kinds of food. I love to try to restaurants. I will try anything once. I figure I can't hate it unless I try it. And because my dad was in the restaurant business (and my sis and her hubby both are currently) I am mostly forgiving of many wait staff. But I will warn you I do have a breaking point, I refuse to be a doormat. But I will tell them if I think that it can be fixed, or I won't ever eat there again.

Back to the good food. So if you have never been to a Korean BBQ this is what happens. You get a brazier on (or in) your table and your cook your own food. This way you make it to your liking. I'll admit that this is the first Korean place I've eaten in that did not have a menu. Everyone there was Asian, and the menu is what is on a salad bar at one end of the building. You go up, load food on your plate, bring it back to the table and cook the food. YUMMY! The best, by far, was the beef. Followed by the chicken. It was well marinated and went great with the side dishes and garlic and beer. I would totally eat there again. And for those in the Philly hood, it is off Rte 1 and Adams. In the old electric generator building near the Sears building. Divine!

So I got home about the same time Sue did. We did the whole how was your day thing. The plan: get online and look at hotels for England and change Sue's tickets to come home with me on the 6th of January. She also wanted to look at her e-mail because she has been so busy at work. We never made it that far. Her e-mail contained a letter from her England agent, Hermione who said that Sue's resume had been faxed to a school in Surrey (I can't remember the name, I'm sure I'll get you the link if it all pans out). It is a wonderful and terrible thing all at once. Sue had been talking with Hermione for awhile and Hermione was pretty up front: things were not looking good for this time of year (mid semesters) and Sue's skills were more suited for the lower forms (grades) and not the upper forms, which puts her at a slight disadvantage. This past weekend I think we both started thinking about the springtime and expecting her to be here. I was thinking about softball and Spring Break. She was thinking about camping and what kind of plans she would teach her current 5th grade class. This sudden chance to leave at such short notice really threw us for a curve last night. So she spent the rest of the evening reading through the school's website and finding out all sorts of good things. She would be teaching literature and maths. These are her strong suits. Also it is a technology school, and that is her forte. Personally I think it would be a good match. I hope she gets it. So does she. We also both hope she doesn't get it. Life seems so crazy sometimes. I promise to keep you posted.

This morning I got to work and there was a lovely box there from [Bad username or site: amy knits @ livejournal.com] I was so excited. She got my KR knit exchange present yesterday and e-mailed me right away. She sounded so happy. I couldn't wait to open the box. Dan must have thought I was crazy. Inside was a great felted hat- black with a red brim and lovely ribbon work. She also included a few extra presents: a nice kool-aid, hand-dyed skein and a present for my little Lehnen-Bug. (Amy- Lehnen went BONKERS! she is so happy and she sends lots of purrs to you!)

If Sue was not out cold now as I type I would be trying hard to get a pic of me. I really have to figure out how to condense my pics so I can fit them on here. I am so good with technology when I am the user, not so good when it involves multiple levels of technolgy intergration. I feel good that I have gotten this far with my blogging. Give me a week or so to figure the pic thing out. I promise to get things up here.
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Well good morning all. This is my first post. I wanted to be able to download pics of my knitting as well as keep you guys updated about my coming trip to England with Sue. Last nite I downloaded pics from my camera from my weekend in New Paltz with my mother. We had a very nice time. I cooked dinner at Judy's and it went very ,very well. I felt bad that we had forgotten to bring Sue's father's recipe for stuffing, but I improvised and everyone was happy with the results- even Christopher! And he is hard to impress (he likes his stovetop stuffing). After dinner we had an early Christmas with presents. I got lots of really nice presents and my mom was extremely good to me this year. My new computer and digital camera are quite a blessing. Without them I wouldn't even be entering this.

I have been wanting to start a blog showing people my work and letting them see the kinds of things I have been working on. Right now I am in the midst of a bunch of sweaters. One is a super secret project (shh!) the other 2 are for my sisters. I had gotten one of them almost done the other day (actually the whole knitting process only took one whole day! I was quite proud.) It is one of Teva Durham's designs. I got to the neck and looked the sweater over very carefully. I realized I had made 2 mistakes: one in row 5 or 9 and the other near the sleeves. I decided that since it only took me a day to knit, and since it wasn't quite right, I might as well frog the whole thing. No sense giving it away just to say I completed it in one day if I wasn't happy with the end result. When I get those done I have a list of 3 baby sweaters to put on the needles. I picked out 2 designs and will soon buy the yarn. I'll let you know the final decisions when it gets closer. The most recently completed projects are 2 scarves I made. One is for Amy my KR buddy. I won't post it till she gets it, but the other is for Ivey, my best friend's daughter. I think it turned out real sweet and is in the exact same colors as her brothers (except her bro's doesn't have the lace) Once I get better at this journaling thing I will post the pics. I just wanna make sure I can :)
Everyone have a nice day. It is snowing here. Sue left early so she could get to work without killing herself. Her brother gets married this weekend on Sunday and I get to play photographer for the big day. I hope the pics turn out good. I am sure to let you know what antics happen this weekend. (and trust me, there will be antics.. I can feel it)
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