Dec. 5th, 2003

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Well good morning all. This is my first post. I wanted to be able to download pics of my knitting as well as keep you guys updated about my coming trip to England with Sue. Last nite I downloaded pics from my camera from my weekend in New Paltz with my mother. We had a very nice time. I cooked dinner at Judy's and it went very ,very well. I felt bad that we had forgotten to bring Sue's father's recipe for stuffing, but I improvised and everyone was happy with the results- even Christopher! And he is hard to impress (he likes his stovetop stuffing). After dinner we had an early Christmas with presents. I got lots of really nice presents and my mom was extremely good to me this year. My new computer and digital camera are quite a blessing. Without them I wouldn't even be entering this.

I have been wanting to start a blog showing people my work and letting them see the kinds of things I have been working on. Right now I am in the midst of a bunch of sweaters. One is a super secret project (shh!) the other 2 are for my sisters. I had gotten one of them almost done the other day (actually the whole knitting process only took one whole day! I was quite proud.) It is one of Teva Durham's designs. I got to the neck and looked the sweater over very carefully. I realized I had made 2 mistakes: one in row 5 or 9 and the other near the sleeves. I decided that since it only took me a day to knit, and since it wasn't quite right, I might as well frog the whole thing. No sense giving it away just to say I completed it in one day if I wasn't happy with the end result. When I get those done I have a list of 3 baby sweaters to put on the needles. I picked out 2 designs and will soon buy the yarn. I'll let you know the final decisions when it gets closer. The most recently completed projects are 2 scarves I made. One is for Amy my KR buddy. I won't post it till she gets it, but the other is for Ivey, my best friend's daughter. I think it turned out real sweet and is in the exact same colors as her brothers (except her bro's doesn't have the lace) Once I get better at this journaling thing I will post the pics. I just wanna make sure I can :)
Everyone have a nice day. It is snowing here. Sue left early so she could get to work without killing herself. Her brother gets married this weekend on Sunday and I get to play photographer for the big day. I hope the pics turn out good. I am sure to let you know what antics happen this weekend. (and trust me, there will be antics.. I can feel it)

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