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Well, anyone who has spoken to me lately probably has already heard this. But I promise to try to make it interesting.

First: work rant... So one of our co-workers is leaving (on her own terms) and the firm cannot hire anyone to replace her. Everyone is scrambling and changing our positions. I am now a serials coordinator (which I have done before) but all of our bait and switch does not equal paychecks reflecting the change in position. At least for now. My boss, lovely that she is, has said that she will fight for us to get higher raises this year. But in my mind a raise isn't going to cut it unless it brings me to the salary of someone who is doing the same job I am. It makes some very hard decisions for all of us. AND to top it off (as if I wasn't already frothing at the mouth) they decided to move what is left of us to another floor. So learning a new position and moving. Basic torturous hell. Wasn't this Dante's 3rd level??

Next peeve: walkie-talkie cell phones. How many of you slugs out there have one of these? ARGH! put your hands down. I find cells offensive and annoying but necessary in our daily lives. I feel that if I carry one on my person I will a) try to be as polite as possible about it and b) use it for mostly emergencies or in a private area like my home. Generally I forget I have one and leave the darn thing turned off until I am about to use it. Now comes the bigger offense: THE WALKIE TALKIE FUNCTION!!! some lower imp from beyond must have created this function for their control of the smaller minions. Have you ever been in the presence of such a creature and can. not. get. away?? First, they turn the volume up fully, because they are not the greatest devices at conducting sound. Next, said minion holds it about arms length from their mouths and talks at full volume (or louder) because of the previously mentioned sound problem. And then there is the digital "check" noise it makes when a call is coming through. Something like "deet-durr" which just sets my teeth on edge. I was held captive at my desk last week while someone conducted 3 conversations while he was supposed to be fixing the exit stairwell door to my office. It was something like (imagine shouting loudmouthed philly man here) Hey, I was just down at the mortgage company they said my wife needs to see them to sign some papers. just thought you should know. foreman replies by asking all particulars of the mortgage. finally his wife breaks in to talk to husband asking if he signed his set of papers. it was a three way call from beyond hades and I was trapped at my desk trying to work like a dutiful mouse. I thought I would bang my head against the desk to break up the noise. Nothing helped.

Lastly. Has anyone ever reminded you lately how much fun people watching is? I was at the Kimmel on Monday to see a Curtis concert. It was a lovely thing my friend Parker had set up and Sue and I went. Sue loves to listen to music of any kind and I am right behind her, but I found my mind wandering simply because of the people wacthing we had conducted before the show. Ah, the lovely blue hairs. The very monied kind. Plenty of fur coats to make PETA cough up furballs all the way home. Our favorite, a woman who paraded by us not once, not twice, but at least 4 times (perhaps she was lost?? we should have offered to help her) with what I swore was a steamrolled christmas ornament on her head. Sue said it was a tinsel hat. Perhaps all that tinsel was blocking the direction waves from reaching her brain. She was stunning. Gold tinsel never looked so bad before in my life. At the intermission I went to visit the restroom only to find another woman wearing the tinsel lady's missing suit to complete the outfit! A suit struggling to break free of its owner. perhaps it was her favorite. A black and gold sequin striped suit. Same cut and style as one I would wear to work, but much, much too tight. I felt bad for the suit seeing how much it wanted to break free and find its lovely hat. I giggled all the way to my chair. Lastly, people watching with the students on stage. I was mesmorized by the poor girl who must have spent all of her food money on a pleather skirt. I could practically see her backbone through the front of her sweater. Her body was the width of one of my legs. I wanted to buy the poor girl a meal. I called her Pelvis Hipbone all night. She was enjoying herself though and laughed throughout the performance. Overall the music was very nice and I was glad we went.

And a disclaimer. I know that there are people out there who are really as skinny as Ms. Pelvis Hipbone. But this kid just made me want to take her home and cook for her. Perhaps it is bothersome for me to mention it, but just seeing her one stage made me wonder if she was going to pass out.

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