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So you are closing up shop at work. Cleaning out all the files. Expecting to take a long vacation when BLAM! Life smaks you on the ass.


So i am working on getting out of here, really I am. And I plan on bloggin if I can from hotels around the UK. But just a mere hour ago things were very different...

Sue called in near hysterics. She was on the phone with British Air. They had, um, cancelled one of our tickets. Actually, they were in the process of maybe cancelling both?? WHA? so she started saying things to me on the phone that were just not kosher. This involves an emergency trip home. I left my desk and ran home to find poor Sue in tears telling the guy on the phone that she couldn't afford to buy 2 tickets at 1400$ a piece and this was just supposed to be a nice vacation. I told her to ask for the manager. A couple minutes later she did. And then she told her story again.. and this woman said for her to wait... several minutes and much crying later. Well, we are still going. I was all for telling them to refund the money and going on a drive around the country. So the vacay is still on folks. I know some of you didn't want us to go, but we foiled you again!

Tomorrow is the holiday. We are driving up to Sue's folks and spending a few days there. Needless to say the schedule for tonite is bumped a bit (we should have left already) but we will get showered and packed and on our way. Poor Sue got so overwhelmed nothing got done today. And sadly, the emergency made me leave the felted puddle purse at the cobbler's who is now closed. No puddle purse for her mom this holiday. I hope they hold it until we get back.

We are leaving the country on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed and think UP!
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today has been weird.

for some reason the past few days i cannot get out of bed in the morning. I push myself to get out of bed and make sue's tea or lunch and by the time she leaves either i am WIDE awake or completely in bed on my way to twilight. when my alarm goes off I struggle. It feels like being underwater. I wish it was easier to just WAKE UP!

so I've been knitting at my desk for lunch. trying desperately to finish this project. I don't think it is gonna happen. On another project last nite I think I knit myself until it was too late. I know I checked the number of stitches before I did the next decreasing row, but after I finished the row I was 2 short.. UGH. It said decrease, not over decrease. I felt like a knucklehead and turned out the light.

Sue and I made a few decisions last nite. We decided that we would stay in Stratford-upon-Avon for 4 days and then goto Surrey for 5 days. I know it is running a bit late, but we are trying to firm up hotel plans now. I wish we just KNEW what was gonna happen with this job thingy. But maybe not knowing is what is best.

My best friend, Cassandra, called me at work today. Her daughter received my lacey knit scarf and LOVED it. she wanted to go to bed with it. Her dad had to put his foot down and say she couldn't wear it to bed (she is on the top bunk, there was some concern about her hanging herself by accident EEK!!) They finally decided she could sleep with it all folded up and snuggled like a stuffed toy. I have two things to say: a) I am so glad that she LOVES her scarf. It is the the same color as her brother and he was excited that she matched him (and I was worried that they would not like matching) and b) I am still so glad I have never had children. I would not think of things like accidental hangings. But it was sure a joy to hear from Cassandra that the scarves as presents idea is not a bad one. So far everyone but her husband, Alan, has gotten one. I think I have just the thing for his. But it will have to wait until after the holidays.

And I just got the temple U non-credit course guide. As always i want to take everything. I'll scour the classes and let you know if anything piques my interests.
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And still the world turns..

So these past 2 days have been up and down. Mostly up.

Yesterday evening I went out with my friend Ruth to a great little Korean BBQ restaurant. I should probably mention somewhere on my info page that I am a bit adventurous when it comes to food. I love all kinds of food. I love to try to restaurants. I will try anything once. I figure I can't hate it unless I try it. And because my dad was in the restaurant business (and my sis and her hubby both are currently) I am mostly forgiving of many wait staff. But I will warn you I do have a breaking point, I refuse to be a doormat. But I will tell them if I think that it can be fixed, or I won't ever eat there again.

Back to the good food. So if you have never been to a Korean BBQ this is what happens. You get a brazier on (or in) your table and your cook your own food. This way you make it to your liking. I'll admit that this is the first Korean place I've eaten in that did not have a menu. Everyone there was Asian, and the menu is what is on a salad bar at one end of the building. You go up, load food on your plate, bring it back to the table and cook the food. YUMMY! The best, by far, was the beef. Followed by the chicken. It was well marinated and went great with the side dishes and garlic and beer. I would totally eat there again. And for those in the Philly hood, it is off Rte 1 and Adams. In the old electric generator building near the Sears building. Divine!

So I got home about the same time Sue did. We did the whole how was your day thing. The plan: get online and look at hotels for England and change Sue's tickets to come home with me on the 6th of January. She also wanted to look at her e-mail because she has been so busy at work. We never made it that far. Her e-mail contained a letter from her England agent, Hermione who said that Sue's resume had been faxed to a school in Surrey (I can't remember the name, I'm sure I'll get you the link if it all pans out). It is a wonderful and terrible thing all at once. Sue had been talking with Hermione for awhile and Hermione was pretty up front: things were not looking good for this time of year (mid semesters) and Sue's skills were more suited for the lower forms (grades) and not the upper forms, which puts her at a slight disadvantage. This past weekend I think we both started thinking about the springtime and expecting her to be here. I was thinking about softball and Spring Break. She was thinking about camping and what kind of plans she would teach her current 5th grade class. This sudden chance to leave at such short notice really threw us for a curve last night. So she spent the rest of the evening reading through the school's website and finding out all sorts of good things. She would be teaching literature and maths. These are her strong suits. Also it is a technology school, and that is her forte. Personally I think it would be a good match. I hope she gets it. So does she. We also both hope she doesn't get it. Life seems so crazy sometimes. I promise to keep you posted.

This morning I got to work and there was a lovely box there from [Bad username or site: amy knits @ livejournal.com] I was so excited. She got my KR knit exchange present yesterday and e-mailed me right away. She sounded so happy. I couldn't wait to open the box. Dan must have thought I was crazy. Inside was a great felted hat- black with a red brim and lovely ribbon work. She also included a few extra presents: a nice kool-aid, hand-dyed skein and a present for my little Lehnen-Bug. (Amy- Lehnen went BONKERS! she is so happy and she sends lots of purrs to you!)

If Sue was not out cold now as I type I would be trying hard to get a pic of me. I really have to figure out how to condense my pics so I can fit them on here. I am so good with technology when I am the user, not so good when it involves multiple levels of technolgy intergration. I feel good that I have gotten this far with my blogging. Give me a week or so to figure the pic thing out. I promise to get things up here.
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Did I say there would be antics at the wedding? I made a slight understatement. *sigh.

So there was a wonderful wedding between Steven (Suzanne's brother) and Oenone. Lots and lots of weird, wild and wacky things happened. And believe me, some of them I would rather not remember. In honor of Suzanne and her family, I'll just tell the weirdest, wildest, and wackiest of them.

Did I say I would be the photographer for their wedding? That I presented them with a whole selection of ideas and gave them a full set of options for their wedding day? Have I said that the bride is not exactly the most forthcoming on her decisions? And the groom, well he is a lovely typical guy, not a very descriptive one. Let's just say that communication was not at its height between me and the couple. But as a person who has done wedding photography before, I felt I could handle it. I should have remembered the tidbit of wisdom that says you should keep family and friendship separate from your work.

With very little to go on for the pictures (I will give them that they did send a list, albeit short, and one rule (in bold) to take NO photos of ANYONE eating or drinking with the cake tasting being an exception.) I planned my week, got the film and batteries required and got some shot lists online to give me backup. We arrived with the bride and groom to the ceremony site. Not the Hilton, but a rather nice foyer to a catering hall. The bride and groom were bickering, which seems normal for them. The bride's mother gave me what will be my first bad omen for the evening. "uh, hmm. I bet you were expecting to be paid." UH, YES! "Well, I don't have my purse, and I don't have a checkbook. Can you bill me? " WHAT!! yikes. Lady I haven't taken any photos yet and you are telling me this now? *sigh. What the love of a wonderful person will do to make me not leave the building. Steven would have been crushed and I couldn't break Suzanne's heart on her brother's wedding day. But honestly folks, can you blame me for wanting to bolt? These people have already paid who knows what all: caterer, hall fees, DJ, etc etc. And since I am but just a friend, I am not considered good enough to be professional with. I choked it down and just shrugged. Yeah, I'll bill you. You have my address, you can send the check there. WHERE is that open bar?

The hall is dark. I mean super dark. I think they have 20 watt bulbs from Edison's estate plugged in the ceiling. Can this place get any darker? I am afraid to find out.

The wedding itself, very sweet. Bride and groom did some untraditional stuff which I always feel makes the event more their own. Would I have done all of it? Probably not, but it is NOT my wedding. I am just here for the pics and enjoying Aunt Chrissy, who happens to be their celebrant for the day. She is hilarious. Puts everyone at ease. But there is one hitch. She is just not pronouncing the bride's name the way the rest of the family on Steven's side has heard it pronounced. There is an auditory rumble: is THAT how she pronounces it? That isn't how I'VE heard it pronounced. And, to top it off, the people the bride has invited to the wedding don't even call her Oenone (pronounced, I-no-nay) They call her Angela The wedding is over, (Thank god). I get some more pics, take the pics of the wedding cake NOW so that if it wilts or something I've got it covered and we move on to dinner...

Appetizers arrive, food and drink are flowing and the wedding guests are starting to feel comfortable. Nani doesn't remember who I am, but hey the lady has only met me once, and like I said it is DARK in there. Suzanne's mom thinks I've done something to my hair and Pop Pop is hitting on the ladies around him. He takes a great interest in one of our waitress' choices of nail decoration. I'll call it the reverse french manicure. Instead of white tips, they are black. She is blushing and Mary Ellen (Chrissy's partner) leans over to say: he'll be flirting with women when he is lying in his casket. Honestly the man has full charm. I've seen him use it. And he can. He's a great guy and a fabulous dancer.

And talking about dancers: have you met Kylie? She's 2 and the groom's 1st cousin. She is in full wiggles mode and loves her Aunt Zan (and hopefully by proxy her Aunt Jette) She is entertaining EVERYONE. Staff, guests, and family. Hot potato hot potato there she goes. Casey, her older brother keeps picking her up by the neck and screaming: I can pick her up see? Ah yes, but can you put her down?? They both appeared to have taken an overdose of speed before, during, and after the ceremony. I feel bad for Lrain (their mom) she was on full alert in heels and asking ever so casually "can one of you take a shift?" I am sure the kids slept like logs on the way home only to wake up fully when they got there and demand more dinner (cause these kids did NOT eat. Dancing and running are way way much more fun)

I took pics of people. I didn't care if they were eating or not. How can you casually tell people: O BTW I just want you to all step away from your tables. I need a photo of you and the bride just doesn't go for forks and glasses. I tried to get everyone, and hopefully I did. We will just wait and see when the pics get processed.

Ah yes, and then the DJ. He was pretty good for awhile. The bride and groom asked for "classic rock." It kept the group dancing. Then, well, then he took out some Partridge Family (which he strangely looked like he could join, with his haircut and all) and things kinda slid downhill at a rapid rate. I think the best response he got was when he put on Devil with the Blue Dress On (the mother of the groom's favorite) and all her friends danced with her. THANKFULLY he did not play YMCA. I think things would have deteriorated faster for all involved if he had.

I was exhausted. Sue was pleasantly drunk (she made the man at the bar run out of sour mix for her amaretto sours) and we headed home for the night. Most possibly the B&G were still bickering, but I decided to leave before I found out. Some people just operate on conflict. I am not one of them.

Knitting: none for the weekend. But I can say that I knit some today. I am 1/2 way through the sweater I frogged. I am taking some extra time with it so I don't have to do that again. I think I can get it to the neck tomorrow and perhaps get it in the mail by the end of week. I have a long list of things I would like to make when the holiday is over. Perhaps another post will let me get those online. But I will say that the new Knitty.com today got me thinking about knitting for myself sometime in the near future!!!

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