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Last nite was really nice. We went to the orchestra. They were having a Bernstein tribute. So they played songs that related to Bernstein (Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky), a medley of West Side Story, and then premiered a composition for Time for Three Which was modern and awesome and totally more jazz than anything else.. (ok jazz, classical and bluegrass mixed. Weird I know, but I loved it. Written for them by one of their past teachers at Curtis.) and they ended with Tchaikovsky's Francesca de Rimini which was all about Dante's inferno. I can truly say I loved all of the music. Usually there is one that I don't like, but wow.. all of them blew me away. And Time for Three? all of them hot numbers who really know how to wail.

http://www.tf3.com/ go, listen, fall in love.

Got home late, but still went to bed even later. Wanted to see Ninja Warrior for the first time and got hooked. Dammit. Why must I love the strange japanese tv shows?? I just do I guess.
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This is a rare public post for my [livejournal.com profile] phillyknitters Secret Pal. I just wanted to give you a place you could ask me questions and let me tell you a bit more about myself.

If we don't know each other well (and you aren't already friended on my lj), here are some fast random facts about me.

1. I am one of those people who can see every side of the story and can totally relate to every type of situation (even if it wouldn't be the choice I would make). But I am fiercely loyal and will defend like a mountain lion any one of my friends or family.

2. I am a loudmouth and a potty mouth. I do tone it down to appropriate situations.. but it really is genetic. The person who is the loudest wins in my family.

3. I'm on ravelry.com as purlewe.

4. My hair is about shoulder length and I tend to wear it back. I am not a big bow girl though.. I prefer barettes or plain old elastics. I have been told that I always look good in a hat.

5. I am in a relationship with my partner Sue. We are planning a wedding in October of this yr. We have one cat who is like a small cat version of a border collie. She loves people (mostly) and loves playing. Sue is a teacher and loves reading.

6. I am the butch in the relationship when it comes to how things work. But I do wear skirts, dresses, and makeup for important occassions. I can clean up, I just don't. This means that when we get things that need to be put together I am the one figuring it out and I like it that way. :) On the flip side I am the one who manages the household chores and does all the cooking. I am a HUGE fan of making food fresh and try to spend time buying from local farms. So I guess I am the butch and the femme :)

7. I love almost all kinds of music. And would totally be willing to have you share some of your favorites. I do not do much country or rap.

8. I have a degree in photography and a degree in museum management that I don't use. I have been working in libraries as a para-professional for over 11 yrs. It paid my way through college and was the easiest jump once I graduated.

9. I love sci fi. And I do have some favorite tv shows. Dr. Who and Torchwood are awesome. Love both Star Trek and Star Wars. British comedies are full of gold. (with an exception to Keeping Up Appearances and Catherine Tate Show, I just don't "get" them.) I have been photo'd pretending to be Patsy at a wedding with a beehive and a cig in my mouth with a magnum of champagne in one hand. So I love humor!! Don't worry about offending me with off color humor.

10. That being said I am not a fan of narrow minded-ness. And I will shut down quicker than anything if someone starts up a narrow minded rant (even if they are intending to teach me why their view is best.) I really am a pacifist, but I get all hyped up if someone claims they are trying to teach a better way. I believe in respect and friendship.. and I don't tolerate hate or people who pretend to be better than others.

If ya got through all that and wanna ask questions feel free.

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