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I have some pics here at work, but I think I'll email them home and then post them that way. Then you guys will have see the last 2 bags that have not been shown on here. Honestly, I have done other things besides purses, but I think that they are either boring or else that no one seems to be as interested... other than me. :)

Next there was a quote I read today from CNN that caught my attention. See I think that the mayor Newsom of SF has really stepped up to the plate. His authorizing marriage licenses to gay people has really brought this conversation about gay rights to the foreground. Sometimes you don't sit and palaver about it, you act and then see what all the fuss was about. I think his act to give licenses was courageous. Showing people that they are equal is courageous. And the people who are standing in line, sometimes all nite long, shows how much we want this. We don't deserve to be second class citizens. Here is the quote from CNN: "However, this fight ultimately is about what America thinks is fair, and in that sense Mayor Newsom has done a great service," Coles said. "Americans watched on television as hundreds and hundreds of people stood in the pouring rain all night to get married, and a fair number of them probably thought, 'Gee, we didn't have to go through that."' Boy, was that quote ever on the mark. My parents did not have to wait in line to get a marriage license, why should I? I swear I will see this happen in my lifetime. My niece's grandchildren will wonder why we ever were not allowed to marry. I will get off the soapbox now.

Next. My softball league is trying to dissolve my team. So if you are in Philly and are (or know someone) who is female and wants to play, please contact me before march 12th. We need a roster of 16 so they don't merge us into another team. Thanks!
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I may look naive (case and point: co-worker yesterday at FAX machine profusely apologizing for cursing in front of me. My response: I curse all the time. Her shocked answer: You don't look like it) but I am not. The survey I posted below (and sent to a bunch of friends, thanks all!) is not going to change the AFA's view on homosexuality or the right to marry. But what gets me is the gall they have to present their numbers to congress and state them as FACT. I know anyone who wants to skew numbers can and will do it, but to post a poll on your website in hopes of getting only your contact list to pay attention to it is ludicrous.

Let me get on my soapbox a minute. All those bored by my soapbox please move along.

Generally this country is evenly divided on the issue of gay marriage. It is cut into thirds. One third hates the idea, one third loves the idea and one third is either having a nice lunch somewhere or doesn't give a fig. Now in reality this should not matter. There was an editorial out a few weeks ago where the writer stated (paraphrase): sometimes polls do not matter, what matters is what is right. Whether it is supported by popular opinion or not. I sincerely doubt that when people of different colors were allowed by the courts to marry that it was "popular," but it was right. And no one has the right to decide who loves whom except the people who are happy and in love. Now as a bi-sexual woman I find it appalling that if I decided to marry a man tomorrow (say an immigrant who needed a nice visa to stay in this country to flee some sort of persecution even). All of my property and tax rights and benefits would be guaranteed, but not so if I wanted to marry a woman. I have seriously dated and loved both sexes. I have seen futures with both sexes. But one future is full of privileges I would receive be marrying the correct gender, while the other is a financial and legal morass that I would have to wade through (and pay good money to several types of people: accountants, lawyers, etc). Currently I am in love with, and happily dating a woman (hi honey!). The last serious relationship I was with a woman. The last serious relationship before that (skipping a few people in the dating process that were not as "serious") was a man. What makes any of these more important than the other? In my heart, nothing. In the eyes of my country, alot. A friend from the Netherlands wrote me and asked about marriage in this country, and hinted that it was legal in hers. Many countries are adopting the same stance: Germany, Canada, etc. I told her that while I don't treat my friends differently by their color, gender or sexual preference, my country does not give me the same consideration. It is a design flaw that stems from (in my eyes) the puritanical roots that founded this country. I look forward and happily wait for the day that I can marry the person I love, whoever that might be. I do feel that it will be in my lifetime. And no matter what I will work towards that goal with alerting people to polls, paying attention to elections and voting with my ballot and my dollar to help make it happen.

On to other news, I frogged the project I was working on last nite. I kept looking at the directions and not seeing the gauge. A friend asked me how I knew it was the right size and I told her that I had looked at the pattern but it wasn't clear, and then we both saw it. The gauge listing! so I checked and I was 2 stitches off. So off came 5 inches, but I'll feel better in the long run. On the chocolate sweater number 2: I am in the middle of the armholes. Tonite I go to the knitalong in Chestnut Hill. I need to be far along on these project before this weekend (like one of them done!!) so I can do my holiday cookies and cards. I have an order for about 5 doz cookies on monday. I have a nice long quiet weekend with my friend Sam the pug. I am babysitting at my old apt address for my neighbors. Sam the pug is a great dog. He is just wild about me, and I can say the sentiment is returned. I want to mail my presents on Monday (I know they will be late, but I really don't care) and hopefully I can settle down to a nice quiet christmas and vacation.

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